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Consider becoming a member of NASCOE as soon as possible.  NASCOE is not a union.  NASCOE is an association of employees just like you with the goal of making sure that FSA remains a great workplace.  By joining MASCOE, you are joining NASCOE.  A few of the benefits of being a NASCOE member include:
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NASCOE is the only association recognized by management to formally negotiate on your behalf.  For example, recent negotiation items included increasing pay grades for employees and making sure the performance rating process is uniformly applied to all.  The process to submit issues for consideration in the negotiation process is very simple and is a great conduit for improving the workplace.      

A robust legislative program that employs one of the top consultants in Washington, DC to make sure FSA is recognized as the “can do” agency when it is time to administer farm programs, thus insuring a high level of accuracy at an economical cost to taxpayers.  More programs ensure a long career as you embark on your FSA journey.  NASCOE’s legislative agenda includes making sure that FSA employee benefits are maintained and improved so we are always vigilant in watching benefits legislation.

NASCOE offers other benefits ranging from retirement planning/products to scholarships for children of our members.  Also in the rare instance when an employee faces an adverse action by the agency (and I do mean rare but it is nice to know) NASCOE also provides one free hour with the NASCOE attorney to assist you in making the best decisions in those circumstances.  

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