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  NASCOE Accomplishments  
  Submitted by PT Director Charlene Stone, Trumbull Ohio, used with permission.  
MASCOE Membership
1960s 1970s
  • Government Life Insurance
  • Civil Service Retirement
  • Severance Pay
  • Increased Leave Earnings
  • Transfer Employment into USDA without loss of grade, leave or tenure
  • Pay Increases Timed with Civil Service's
  • Reclassification of CED's and PA's
  • Secured "Saved Grades" where grades were reduced due to reduction in workload and/or reclassification.
  • Credit for past County Office experience in lieu of education for CED training positions.
  • Vacancies in jobs above the County Office level now released to the County Office.
  • Secured a Washington consultant to represent interest of County Committee employees.
1980s 1990s
  • Grievance Procedure
  • Travel Co-op and NASCOE Travel Service
  • Scholarship Program
  • Legislative Fund
  • Eye Wear service discount
  • Advertising Program Assistant vacancies to County Offices within the state
  • Magic Kingdom Club Card
  • Passage of Transfer Bill
  • Supplemental Insurance on payroll withholding
  • Upgrading of PA job description
  • Negotiated with Management for a significant increase in number of Grade 12 offices.
  • PA reclassification approved
  • CED reclassification approved
  • CPA reclassification eligible for upgrades
  • Lead PA grade increase in shared management offices
  • Compressed work schedule made available
  • ASCS/FSA Awards Program increased 500%
  • Donor Leave Program Implemented
  • Grievance procedure reintroduced in handbook procedure
  • Appeals procedure information available to those needing
  • Scholarship program increased
  • Legislative program improved
  • Maxi-flex Implemented
Recent achievements
  • NASCOE accomplished a significant increase in CED upgrades including all remaining CO-9 CED's.
  • NASCOE accomplished reconsideration of all county office closures
  • NASCOE got CO and GS employees on a level playing field when competing for federal jobs
  • NASCOE got loan approval authority for CO employees who complete training
  • NASCOE negotiated with FSA to ensure that suspensions pending investigation will occur only when credible evidence is produced.
  • NASCOE got NAP added under the Program Variety element and soybean/oilseeds added under the Crop Production element in the CED Classification and Pay Plan.
  • Key PT Position
Because we are not Federal employees, NASCOE fights for every benefit that we receive. This includes everything from the yearly cost of living increases to job reclassifications. All of which puts MORE money into your pocket then it costs to be a member! Take a look below at some of the accomplishments made by NASCOE you may be surprised to see what all they have done. As you will see NASCOE has worked very hard for YOU!
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