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MASCOE Board Meeting Held March 19 4/19/19
The MASCOE Board of Directors met in Columbia on March 19.  Meeting Minutes  
MASCOE Newsletter 2/13/19
The latest MASCOE newsletter is now available.  
NASCOE Roundup Nation Bulletin 6/7/18
The 2018 NASCOE Roundup National Bulletin is now available.
MASCOE Board Met May 17 5/22/18
The MASCOE Board of Directors met at the STO in Columbia on May 17, 2018.  Highlights included discussing issues and concerns submitted by Missouri employees, finalizing plans for the 2018 MASCOE Convention, and wishing Missouri SED Richard Fordyce well in his new position as FSA Administrator.

Meeting Minutes
    Fordyce with the MASCOE Board of Directors
MASCOE Newsletter 5/7/18 
The latest MASCOE Newsletter is now available.
Missouri Delegation Attends Midwest Area Rally 4/16/18
On March 23 and 24, five MASCOE members attended the Midwest Area NASCOE Rally in Des Moines, Ia.  Also attending from Missouri were NADD members Michelle Motley and Jeremy Mosley.  Highlights of the rally included a Q & A with Under Secretary Bill Northey as well as Acting Administrator Steve Peterson, and NASCOE President Dennis Ray.  Dennis Ray announced his intention to run for a second year as NASCOE President, and Jackson Jones announced his candidacy for the position of Midwest Area Executive.  For rough notes of the meeting, review the Missouri Delegate Report.
MASCOE Delegation
Jackson Jones, Jared Singer, Tina Young,
Mandi Bird, and Dennis Ray
NASCOE President Dennis Ray Dennis Ray and Steve Peterson
Midwest Area Bulletin and Midwest Area Rally Draft Agenda 3/5/18
The latest Midwest Area Bulletin is now available, as well as the Draft Agenda and other details for the upcoming Midwest Area Rally in Des Moines, IA, March 23 and 24.

The Midwest Area rally is a great opportunity to visit with fellow FSA employees including SEDs and National Office staff.  The registration form is included in the draft agenda document.  Registrations need to be submitted by March 10.  Rally participants are also invited to join Iowa for their state convention on March 22.
MWA Bulletin MWA Rally Agenda
December 2017 MASCOE Board Meeting 2/9/18
    On December 13, 2017 the MASCOE Board met in the STO.  Agenda highlights included electing 2017-2018 officers, planning for the 2018 MASCOE Convention, and meeting with new SED Richard Fordyce.

Meeting Minutes
Midwest Area Rally 2/6/18
The 2018 Midwest Area Rally will be March 23-24 in Des Moines, IA.
               Rally Registration Form               Hotel Reservations (book hotel by February 28)
Government Shutdown 1/20/18
NASCOE is working diligently to provide information to employees during the shutdown as it becomes available.  Additional updates will not be posted to this site during the shutdown.
Make sure you are connected: Message from NASCOE President Dennis Ray
NASCOE's Facebook Page Message From NASCOE President
  MASCOE's Facebook Page
  NASCOE Email Database
Provide your home email address to receive updates from NASCOE. The database is being updated, so please subscribe, even if you have done so in the past.
Distinguished Service Nominations Due January 1 12/15/17
Missouri has some amazing FSA employees that go the extra mile, so let's get them recognized for it!  Do they do more than what's required for the agency or agriculture community?  Are they really involved in their local community?  Are they working hard for our employees through NASCOE?  Take a few minutes to nominate them for a NASCOE Distinguished Service Award! 

Nominating is easy!  Submit nominations online by January 1, 2018.  Contract Debbie Leeper if you have any questions.
Scholarship Deadline is January 1, 2018 11/8/17
NASCOE and MASCOE have a variety of scholarships available.  Visit the Scholarship page for details and to apply online.
Board of Directors Election Results 10/24/17
The results of the election for Board of Directors are in!  Thanks to everyone who participated in the election by voting, and to the folks listed below for their willingness to serve.  The 2017-2018 Board will take office and elect officers in December.
District 1 Member Mandi Bird Kristy Gray Debbie Leeper
  Alternate Tim Dreier Toshia Jones Andrea Gutierrez
District 2 Member Jared Singer Rebecca Malter Blake Conrad
  Alternate Curtis Crawford Katie Freeman Jeannette Straker
District 3 Member Leann Liechti Tina Young Jennifer Brummit
  Alternate Patty Lambert Mary McCoy Kristy Shuck
District 4 Member Jackson Jones Lisa Heath Ron Highley
  Alternate Kim Mitchell Cindy Baker Julie Brooks
District 5 Member Randon Leathers Barb Denker Kate Gerlemann
  Alternate Maureen Cope Hannah Thomeczek Lori Painter
District 6 Member Abby Inglis Gayle Wilson Karen Stillings
  Alternate Logan McGhee Lori Martens Leann Barnard
District 7 Member Dennis Ray Brink Naile Kallie Turner
  Alternate Megan Dunkle Penny Hamlett Karen Turner
Branson Vacation Package Available  9/25/17 
A Branson Vacation Package was donated to MASCOE.  Sealed bids will be accepted through Sunday, October 15, 2017.  Proceeds will be added to MASCOE's Scholarship Fund.  There is no reserve!

The package, valued at $500, includes:
- 2 nights lodging
- 4 tickets to The Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai
- 4 tickets to The Duttons

The package must be used by December 2017.

For more information and to place your bid, contact Randon Leathers
2017 MASCOE Election 9/25/17
    The election of your 2017-2018 MASCOE Board of Directors is now open! 

Vote online no later than Friday, October 6.
NASCOE Convention Summary 9/13/17
The 58th Annual NASCOE Convention was held in St. Charles, Mo August 2-5, 2017.  Missouri FSA employees from across the state pulled together to host an event of this magnitude.  MASCOE appreciates everyone's support!  Here are a few highlights from the Convention.

Dennis Ray Elected NASCOE President
Missouri's own Dennis Ray was elected NASCOE President!  For the past two years, Dennis has served as NASCOE Vice-President.  MASCOE is proud of Dennis and wishes him the best of luck leading NASCOE in the coming year. 

In addition to Dennis, the NASCOE officers for the coming year are Treasurer Curt Houk (IA), Secretary Marcinda Kester (FL), and Vice-President Brandon Wilson (KS).
Dennis Ray  Houk, Kester, Ray, and Wilson

MASCOE Members Working for You at the National Level
In addition to Dennis, other Missourians serving above the state level include Jackson Jones, Midwest Area Alternate Executive;  Tina Young, Midwest Area Emblems Chair; and Debbie Leeper, Midwest Area Award Committee.  

Missouri Entrance at Roll Call
The Missouri Delegation entered the convention to this video. 

Missouri FSA was well represented at roll call with County Office Staff, District Directors, State Office Staff, and State Committee members all walking in together.

Photos of the Missouri Delegation entrance are below.

FSA Leadership
A highlight of NASCOE Conventions is the opportunity for membership to interact directly with FSA leadership.
President Daniels & Chris Beyerhelm execute the Labor-Management Relations Agreement Wisconsin member Tom Oasen asks a question to the panel
NASCOE appreciates management's willingness to address employees' concerns and questions.
2017 Q & A Summary 
National Office Q&A Panelists
Mark Rucker, DAM;  Darren Ash, CIO;  Thomas Mulhern, HR;  Brad Karmen, DAFP;  John Chott, DAFO;  Radha Sekar, CFO;  Chris Beyerhelm, Acting Administrator
Brent Orr, CEPD;  Jim Radintz, DAFLP;  Catherine Kuhlmeier, OBF;  Bob McGrath, OBF;  Francisco Salguero, OCIO;  Brenda Carlson, Public Affairs;  Glenn Schafer, BTO

Convention Co-Chairs Recognized
Randon Leathers and Connie Gibson did an outstanding job leading the Convention effort.  Accordingly, they were recognized by NASCOE President Wes Daniels with plaques of appreciation during the banquet Saturday evening.

Randon was also presented a Harvest Coin by Acting SED Kim Viers during Thursday's General Session.
Daniels & Leathers  Daniels & Gibson Leathers & Viers

Scholarship Auction Breaks Record  
NASCOE had an impressive showing for the Silent and Live Scholarship Auction!  Our membership really pulled out all of the stops this year, providing 90 great items for auction.  The Silent Auction generated $3,939 and the Live Auction brought in $11,095!  This total of $15,034 was a NASCOE record.  As host state, MASCOE's scholarship fund will receive 25% of the proceeds.  Thanks to Patty Lambert and Tina Young for spearheading the auction, as well as everyone who provided items, and bid!

Reports and Documents
MASCOE Secretary
Jessica Claypole
Midwest Area Executive
Chris Hare
NASCOE Resolution

Additional Photos
Missouri Delegation     
Missouri Delegation  Missouri Delegation Midwest Area Delegation 
Missouri Delegation at Banquet  Tina Young Receives Award  President Daniels Thanks Missouri at Banquet 
Thank you to everyone who helped make the convention a success! 
MASCOE Annual Meeting Held July 31 8/30/17
While in St. Charles for the NASCOE Convention, MASCOE held an annual meeting of membership.  This was to conduct annual business of the organization, as Missouri did not have a state convention in 2017 due to hosting the national convention.  The most significant item addressed was changing MASCOE's Districts to align with FSA's Districts.  This proposal was adopted by membership and will take effect for the upcoming election.
Also while in St. Charles, Missouri FSA and MASCOE entered into the Labor-Management Agreement for 2017-2018.

Pictured signing the agreement are Sharon Oetting, STC Chairperson; Jared Singer, MASCOE President; and Kim Viers, Acting State Executive Director.
Minutes of Annual Meeting  Revised
Labor-Management Agreement
MASCOE Meets with STC Regarding CRP 8/29/17
On July 18, 2017 MASCOE's Executive Committee met with the STC, Kim Viers, Allen Powell, and Rod Bealer regarding CRP.  MASCOE appreciates Missouri FSA's willingness to hear MASCOE's concerns, and work together to improve program delivery and integrity in Missouri.  Click here to view the concerns MASCOE submitted, as well as the STC's responses.
Proposed By-Law Change  
As previously announced, your MASCOE Board is proposing a change to our by-laws to align MASCOE Districts to FSA Districts, increase the number of representatives in each district, and allow future boards more flexibility to adjust to changing FSA Districts.  The proposed changes are noted in red.  Please review the document and contact any MASCOE Board member if you have any concerns or questions. 

The proposed changes will be acted on at an Annual Meeting of membership on Monday, July 31, 2017, at 2:00 p.m. at the St. Charles Convention Center, 1 Convention Center Plaza, St. Charles, MO  63303.

MASCOE By-Laws - Proposed Changes
MASCOE Newsletter  
The July 2017 MASCOE Newsletter is now available.  
Scholarship Winners Announced  

Lane Wolfe was selected to receive a $500 scholarship under the Grandchildren category.  Lane is the grandson of Janet Huffman, retired Program Technician in the Monroe County office.  Lane was also selected at the MWA level as a winner in this category which awarded him advancement to the National level. Lane was then selected to receive the award for the National level Grandchildren Scholarship in the amount of $500. 

Lane graduated on Sunday, May 14th, 2017, from Sturgeon High School as the class Salutatorian. His plans are to attend Missouri State University in the fall and major in Finance with a minor in General Business.  MASCOE Scholarship Chair Tina Young presented Lane these scholarships at his graduation ceremony.

Jacob Smith is our Traditional Scholarship winner of $500 for MASCOE.  Jacob is the son of Program Technician Misty Smith in the Mississippi County office. 

He graduated from Charleston High School and plans to attend Southeast Missouri University majoring in   Wildlife Biology or Soil Science.  MASCOE Board member Steve Morrison attended Jacob’s awards ceremony and presented him with  a certificate.

Amber Gray is the MASCOE winner for Open-Continuing Scholarship valuing $500.  Amber is the daughter of Kristy Gray, DeKalb County Program   Technician.  Amber was a 2014 graduate from Maysville High and is continuing her education.  She is currently in an accelerated program at Hillyard Technical Center studying Radiology.  MASCOE Vice President Mandi Bird presented Amber her certificate in the county office with her mother present.

MASCOE Video Update
Take a look for some important MASCOE updates!
•Proposed change to MASCOE districts
•No state convention this year

•National convention news
-Volunteers needed
-Discounted rate to attend Thursday's General Session(Only)
-MASCOE will reimburse Thursday's General Session
(Only) admission for Missouri members in good standing.
NASCOE Newsletter  
The latest NASCOE Newsletter has been issued.
Missouri Delegation Attends Midwest Area Rally  
Five MASCOE members attended the MWA Rally in Dayton March 31 - April 1 in Dayton, Ohio.  Highlights included updates on NASCOE activities, a Q&A with Acting Administrator Chris Beyerhelm and Acting DAFP Brad Karmen, and a great time catching up with colleagues from the Midwest area.   Jackson Jones announced his candidacy for Midwest Area Alternate Executive, and Dennis Ray announced his candidacy for NASCOE President!  Thanks to Jessica Claypole for compiling the Missouri Delegate Report.
Missouri Delegation  Dennis Ray Jackson Jones Tina Young Jared Singer
Singer, Young, Claypole, Jones, & Ray 
MWA Alt Exec 
Emblems Chair 
More Photos 
2017 Midwest Area Rally March 31 - April 1  
This year's Midwest Area Rally will be in Dayton, Ohio, Friday March 31 and Saturday, April 1.  The brochure contains hotel and registration information.  Register by March 10 for a $10  discount!  Hotel is $97/night.
Honoring NASCOE/MASCOE Members Who Have Passed  
If you know of a MASCOE/NASCOE member who has passed away since August 2016, please email Jared Singer so the member can be honored at the 2017 NASCOE Convention.
MASCOE Honors Retiring SED Mark Cadle  
MASCOE's Board of Directors presented retiring SED Mark Cadle with a plaque and flag which had been flown over the US Capitol in Mark's honor.  The reception took place at the STO, following Missouri's Administrator's Awards ceremony and Christmas luncheon on December 14. 

MASCOE extends congratulations and best wishes to Mark!
MASCOE Newsletter  
The December MASCOE Newsletter is now available.  
Distinguished Service Nominations Due January 1  
Do you have an amazing co-worker?  Do they go above and beyond for FSA, the community, or NASCOE/MASCOE?  Take a few minutes and nominate them for a Distinguished Service Award!

Submit nominations online by January 1.
Scholarship Applications Due January 1  
NASCOE and MASCOE have a variety of scholarships available.  Visit the Scholarship page for details and to apply online.
Midwest Area Bulletin  
The November MWA Bulletin is now available.  
Submit Negotiation Items by December 1  
One of the most important functions of NASCOE is the negotiations process.  This is an opportunity for NASCOE to present member's concerns and issues to management in a effective manner and this process has been very successful in the past.

Use the online Negotiation Form to submit an item.  Be sure to clearly state the issue with background and facts, your position on the issue, recommendations for resolution, and any handbook or notice reference.  If you have any questions, please contact the Midwest Area Negotiations Consultant Sara Bateson.

Remember, this process is directed more toward member benefits.  Program suggestions should be submitted using the Programs Form.

NAPA Report Released
In 2015 Congress directed FSA to do a workload analysis and mandated that the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) conduct an independent assessment of this analysis. 

NAPA took a year to complete the study; conducting research, interviewing customers and stakeholders, and performing in-person visits.  Their full report, which outlines their assessment of FSA and their recommendations, is now available:

National Academy of Public Administration - Report Overview
    Congratulations to Steve Morrison
  Stoddard County CED Steve Morrison received the NASCOE 3000 Hour Sick Leave Award.  The plaque reads, "For successfully accumulating 3000 hours of sick leave during your years of Federal service and contributing your unselfish dedication to ASCS/FSA County Office Employment and service to your job."  Congratulations Steve!

If you or someone in your office has reach a sick leave accumulation milestone (1000, 1500, 2000, etc) be sure to let MASCOE Awards Chair Debbie Leeper know.
    Mandi Bird and Jessica Claypole go to Washington!
    MASCOE Vice President Mandi Bird and Secretary Jessica Claypole attended the NASCOE Legislative Conference in Washington.  The conference was spearheaded by NASCOE Legislative Chair Jackson Jones.    Photos
    Missouri Delegation Attends NASCOE Convention
    Missouri was well represented at the 2016 NASCOE Convention in Cedar Rapids, IA, August 3 - 6. 
Dennis Ray
Jackson Jones
Missouri Group
2017 Invite


MWA Group
2017 Invite
Bird & Claypole
    Missouri Delegate Report 
    Midwest Area Bulletin
    This edition of the Midwest Area Bulletin is a wrap-up of the Midwest Area Rally held in Indianapolis.
    2016 MASCOE Scholarship Winners Announced
This year's scholarships were awarded to Kenna Schmidt, daughter of Kevin and Jeanne Schmidt, PT in the Caldwell County, and Meredith Jo Clevenger, daughter of Joe and Debra Clevenger, CED in the Caldwell County.  Applicants were judged on work experience, scholastic achievements, extracurricular activities, and community service. 

Co-worker and MASCOE Board member Debbie Leeper presented the scholarships at the recipients' graduation ceremonies.
    MASCOE Thanks Past President Sheria Yancey
    Sheria Yancey completed her duties as President during the MASCOE Convention in Cape Girardeau, September 12 and 13.  Sheria expressed her appreciation to the Board of Directors, SED Mark Cadle and STO staff, as well as NASCOE/MASCOE as a whole, for the work done on behalf of FSA employees and our customers.  Yancey served two years as MASCOE President and her hard work and dedication is appreciated!  
    Labor-Management Relations Agreement Executed
    Also at the Convention, Missouri FSA and MASCOE entered into the Labor-Management Relations Agreement for the 2016-2017 year.  Among other things, this agreement confirms NASCOE/MASCOE has exclusive recognition to represent all county employees in consultations and negotiations with management of FSA and USDA.  Pictured signing the Agreement are Sharon Oetting, State Committee; Jared Singer, MASCOE President; and Mark Cadle, State Executive Director.
View Agreement
    2016 Election Results
    Thanks to all members who voted in the election for Board of Directors.  The results are as follows:
District 1   District 2   District 3
Mandi Bird, CED (Allyson Wells Alt.)   Blake Conrad, CED (Becca White Alt.)   Patty Lambert, CED (Jennifer Brummit Alt.)
Kristy Gray, PT (Ann Gilland Alt.)   Debra Leeper, PT (Katie Freeman Alt.)   Christina Young, PT (Sarah McSparren Alt.)
District 4   District 5   District 6
Jared Singer, CED (Ron Highly Alt.)   Randon Leathers, CED (Daryl Raithel Alt.)   Sheria Yancey, CED (Henry Westhues Alt.)
Cathy Hemme, PT (Katie Hall Alt.)   Barb Denker, PT (Sherry Bean Alt.)   Kristy Shuck, PT (Hannah Thomeczek Alt.)
District 7   District 8   District 9
Jackson Jones, CED (Travis Claypool Alt.)   Dennis Ray, CED (Logan McGhee Alt.)   Steve Morrison, CED (Dickie Jordan Alt.)
Gayle Wilson, PT (Lisa Heath Alt.)   Laura Sarratt, PT (Mary Leible Alt.)   Brink Naile, PT (Penny Myers, Alt)
    The 2016-2017 Board of Directors will elect officers at their meeting during the state convention on Monday, September 12 in Cape Girardeau.
    2016 MASCOE Convention Update

  The deadline to book rooms in the MASCOE block ($89) has been extended to August 25.  Book now and send in your registration form!

Monday, September 12
1:00 p.m.     Board Meeting (all invited to attend)
2:00 p.m.     Dillard Financial Services Retirement Planning Presentation
                     (Geared toward those within 5 years of retirement)
3:00 p.m.     Dillard Financial Service Available to Meet with Individuals (Contact Dennis Ray if your
                     are interested in a one-on-one session with Dillard.)
5:30 p.m.     Cookout and Social @ Cape County North Park

Tuesday, September 13
8:30 a.m.     Convention Convenes
8:45             SED Mark Cadle and STC
9:20             STO Panel
10:30           Break
10:45           NASCOE Legislative Committee Chair Jackson Jones
11:20           NASCOE Midwest Area Executive Chris Hare
11:40           Dillard Financial Services (Geared toward newer employees)
12:00 p.m.   Lunch
1:00             NASCOE Vice-President Dennis Ray
1:30             EAP - Balancing Home and Work
2:30             Break
2:45             First-timer Update
3:00             2017 NASCOE Convention Presentation
3:15             Awards
3:30             Scholarship Winners, 50/50 Drawing, Silent Auction Winners
    2016 MASCOE Convention
    The 2016 MASCOE Convention will be held in Cape Girardeau, Mo September 12-13.  Agenda highlights include Missouri SED and State Office staff, Retirement planning with Dillard Financial, Hospitality/Cookout in Cape County North Park, NASCOE representatives and more! 

Book your hotel room by August 22 for the rate of $89, mail your registration form and payment to the Perry County FSA office.

See you in Cape!
    MASCOE Delegation at the Midwest Area Rally in Indianapolis
    Jackson and Kim Jones, Sheria Yancey, Tina Young, and Dennis Ray
    Notes from the Rally
Missouri to Host 2017 NASCOE Convention!
    The 2017 NASCOE Convention will be held in St. Charles, August 2 -5!  Your MASCOE Board is already hard at work planning the event, and looks forward to announcing additional details as they become available.  Many MASCOE members have already volunteered to help, but many more will be needed.  We can't wait to see everyone in St Charles in 2017. 
NASCOE Convention - Historically Awesome!
2015 MASCOE Scholarship Winners
Congratulations to Brant A. Francis, son of Barbara and Tony Frances, CED in Monroe County, and Breanna Gottman, daughter of David and Dara Gottman, PT in Macon County.  Applicants were judged on work experience, scholastic achievements, extracurricular activities, and community service.
  Share Your Great Ideas 
There are two ways your ideas can make FSA better; Program Submissions and Negotiation Items.

What are Program Submissions?
Employees across the nation are full of good ideas that would make our jobs easier.  If you have such an idea, submit it online, anytime, through NASCOE's website.

What are Negotiation Items?
Items submitted by members that NASCOE leaders negotiate with management.  Some negotiation items from the past are the Key PT positions, workload data, and shared management ideas.